Using Video Tips to Promote Your Affiliate Link

One of the best ways to inspire people to click through your affiliate link is to provide useful information that makes them want to take action quickly because they see the potential for fast results. Video tips are a perfect way to do this – you are providing useful implementation your viewers can implement right away, you can embed your affiliate link (or redirection link) in the video itself, or have the video forward the viewer to the All in One SEO Pack Pro page (for example) upon completion of the video.

A couple of recommendations when using video tips to promote your affiliate links:

  • Just one tip per video – make it useful, but not overwhelming. The shorter videos are more likely to be watched to completion, and then acted upon (which is what you want).
  • Use the All in One SEO Pack Pro Version in the video – not only will you not be showing the ads, you’ll reinforce your recommendation for the pro version in a subtle way. You might even point out that you are using the Pro version and the support forum subscription.
  • Include your affiliate link at the end of the video, or have the video forward to the All in One SEO Pack Pro page through your affiliate link.

Take a look at Bea’s video: