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What’s new in All in One SEO Pack 3.2?

Our latest 3.2 release brings new functionality to All in One SEO Pack that you have all been waiting for: markup! In addition to structured data, this update also introduces two other new features and numerous improvements & bug fixes. Find out more below. markup

The most prominent feature of this update is the markup functionality that we are bringing to the plugin. Many of you have been eagerly awaiting this, so we are pleased to announce that it is finally here.

Schema Settings in All in One SEO Pack markup is of code that is found in the HEAD of your source code to help search engines determine what your content is about and provide more informative results to their users. If you have ever used rich snippets, then you will understand what structured data is all about.

We won’t dive into the details in this post as markup is quite a large addition, but if you are curious and would like to find out more about the new settings and features we have added, then we recommend that you read our dedicated markup post.

New features

<lastmod> field for taxonomies & archive pages

Google has stated that the <lastmod> sitemap field is an important indicator for them and that it might speed up indexing of your website. That’s why we are happy to announce that Categories, Tags, custom taxonomies and archive pages (including the static Posts page) now reflect their “Last Change” in the sitemap.

The timestamp for these archives is based on the last modified post that is assigned to them and we support taxonomies with multiple attached post types.

New title macros

Due to popular demand, All in One SEO Pack now also supports both the %current_month% and %current_month_i18n% macros for certain title format fields. These macros can be used to include the current month (either in English or localized) in the title.

Other improvements & bug fixes

This release also includes numerous improvements and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

In total, a number of 61 issues made it into this release. Read the full changelog.