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Beware of spam emails regarding WordPress Customer Reward Program

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We are aware of a spam email that is going around regarding All in One SEO Pack. The email starts with “You have been chosen by WordPress to take part in our Customer Reward(ing) Program” and states that you have won a free copy of All in One SEO Pack Pro. The emails typically come from a WordPress.org email address and include a ZIP file that has been reported to include malware.

This is a typical Phishing attack aimed at getting the recipient to open the attachment or in this case install the attached ZIP file on a WordPress site. Do not open emails from people you don’t know. Do not download, open or install any attachment unless you know for sure who it came from and what it contains.

In this case these emails did not originate from WordPress.org, they are spam sent by unknown senders. The file attached to the email is not a copy of All in One SEO Pack Pro and neither WordPress.org nor Semper Fi Web Design would send unsolicited emails with attachments. Most spam filters should pick up these emails and mark them as spam. If your spam filter does not, then mark the email as spam and delete it.

There are also numerous websites claiming to have a free copy of All in One SEO Pack Pro to download. The ONLY valid source to purchase and download All in One SEO Pack Pro is from our SemperPlugins.com store.

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