Adding markup for Rich Snippets

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We are frequently asked how to get those nice looking search results with the additional information such as star rating and price like the example below:

Google rich snippet example

These are called rich snippets and you get these by marking up the HTML around specific content on your page.

All in One SEO Pack adds some basic markup in the HEAD of your site which every site should have. The markup we add is generic for websites and articles in accordance with Google’s specific requirements for website content such as pages and posts.

All in One SEO Pack does not add markup specific for other types of rich snippets such as the example above. To get these types of rich snippets you need to use a plugin that is specific to the type of rich snippet you want.

For example, if you want product pricing, ratings and in-stock information to appear then you would need to use an e-commerce plugin that specifically outputs markup for products.

For each type of rich snippet you want, use a plugin specific for that purpose that supports markup.

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