Guide to markup for Rich Snippets

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We are frequently asked how to get those nice looking search results with the additional information such as star rating and price like the example below:

Google rich snippet example

These are called rich snippets and you get these by adding Schema markup to your content.  Bing, Google and Yandex use this markup to present these rich snippets in their search results.

Schema markup in All in One SEO

All in One SEO outputs markup using a format called JSON-LD.  Below is a list of the markup we add on all Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, Media Attachment Pages, Date and Author Archives, as well as on the 404 page and search results page:

In addition, we output markup for Google’s Knowledge Graph including:

You can control this schema by going to All in One SEO > General Settings > Schema Settings.

You can also enable our Schema markup for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies by using the API filter hook here.

Schema markup not in All in One SEO

At this time, All in One SEO does not add markup for other types of rich snippets such as products.  This is to avoid conflicting with markup output by other plugins.  To add these types of rich snippets you need to use a plugin that is specific to the type of rich snippet you want.

For example, if you want markup for product pricing, ratings and in-stock information, then you would need to use an eCommerce plugin that specifically outputs markup for products.

We plan to add support for additional types of rich snippets, where possible, and provide an API where users and developers can extend our markup for any post type or taxonomy.

Content Specific Markup

All in One SEO uses the following content specific information to generate our Schema markup:

  • The title of the Post, Page, Category and Tag
  • The SEO Description or the content from the Page or Post (or post excerpt)
  • The Featured Image and image caption
  • The language set for the content (as specified in the HTML lang tag)
  • The categories and tags assigned to a post
  • The SEO Keywords assigned to a post
  • The Facebook profile from the user profile for the author of the post/page (enabled using Show Facebook Author)
  • The Twitter profile from the user profile for the author of the post/page (enabled using Show Twitter Author)

Testing Schema markup

Bing, Google and Yandex each have tools to test Schema markup.  Here are the links to these tools:

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