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The All In One SEO Pack aiosp_opengraph_meta hook.


apply_filters( ‘aiosp_opengraph_meta’, ‘manage_options’ );

Parameters (1)

Value: value of the meta tag
Type: platform (facebook, twitter, etc)
Field: meta tag field name (url, description, etc)


To run the hook, copy the example below.
add_filter('aiosp_opengraph_meta','aioseop_change_my_og_url', 10, 3);
function aioseop_change_my_og_url ( $value, $type, $field ){
/**this will allow allow you to change your OG URL
 *this is only an example, in real life you'd likely want to check for 
 *more things, such as the post id to only run the code where you want it
if( $field == 'url' ) $value = '';
return $value;

Defined (1)

The filter is defined in the following location(s).


For instructions on how to use this code, please refer to our FAQ here.

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