Bad Bot Blocker Module

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Bad Bot Blocker in All in One SEO

The Bad Bot Blocker will block known bad robots and crawlers from accessing your site.  These bad bots can overload a site and cause performance problems or even take your site down.  In addition, they can pass information and content from your site to bad actors looking to exploit this information.

This guide will help you use the Bad Bot Blocker to safeguard your site and content.

Block Bad Bots using HTTP

This is the basic setting that will block bad bots and crawlers from your site.

Block Referral Spam using HTTP

This setting will block referrer spam from your site.  Referrer spam is a unique type of spam appears in your Google Analytics as fake traffic in an attempt to get you to click their link in your analytics reports.

Track Blocked Bots

This will log all blocked traffic and display the log at the bottom of the screen where it says Log of Blocked Bots.  This is useful if you want to see who’s being blocked.

Use Custom Blocklists

Enable this setting to display the User Agent Blocklist and Referrer Blocklist where you can see what bots we block.  You can edit these lists by placing your cursor anywhere within the User Agent Blocklist and Referrer Blocklist fields and typing the name of a bot you want to block.

Log of Blocked Bots

A log of blocked bots will appear here if you’ve enabled the Track Blocked Bots setting.

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