Beginners Guide to Social Meta (Open Graph)

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These days a good presence on social media is just as important as a good presence on search engines. The great news is that you can control how your site appears on social media using All in One SEO Pack. All in One SEO Pack includes a Social Meta module which you can activate by going to All in One SEO, Feature Manager.

What is Social Meta?

First, let’s understand what social meta is and what it does. Social meta is often referred to as Open Graph meta because Open Graph is a protocol that has been developed by the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This protocol specifies how meta data should be implemented on websites so that they can control how they are displayed on social media.  You can find information about the Open Graph protocol at

There is a great article on that explains Open Graph meta, what should appear on a web site and how it should look. You can find that article here.

Example of Social Meta

Example of Social Meta

Example of Social Meta

The image above shows how social meta appears in the source code of your site.  You will notice that there is specific meta for specific social media networks such as Google+ or Twitter.

When a page or post is shared on a social media network, this meta controls how it will look.  Each social media site will display this information differently and the way it is displayed can change as social media networks improve their user experience.

Below is an example of how a page or post may look on Facebook:

Example Facebook post

Example Facebook post

Below is an example of how a page or post may look on Twitter:

Example Twitter post

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