Bing Webmaster Verification

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In order to verify your site with Bing Webmaster Tools you will first have to log in here.

Once you have signed in you will be taken to the Dashboard for Bing Webmaster Tools.  Now click the Add Your Site box in the center of the page.

You will have to enter some information about your site and then you’ll be taken to a page with a meta tag to copy.  Only copy what is circled in the screenshot below, you don’t need the entire tag.

Leave this page open, you will be coming back to it to verify your site.

Once you’ve copied that text, go back to your WordPress site and go to All in One SEO > General Settings > Webmaster Verification and paste it into the Bing Webmaster Tools field and click Update Options.

Now, go back to the Bing Webmaster Tools page that you got the code from and click Verify.

That’s it!  You should now be taken to a dashboard where you can access all the Webmaster Tools that Bing offers.

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