Custom Fields in Titles and Descriptions

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All in One SEO Pack supports the use of custom fields in SEO titles and descriptions.

To use a custom field in your SEO titles, all you have to do is enter the following string into the Title Format or Description Format fields under All in One SEO > General Settings > Title Settings:


Make sure you replace fieldname with the name of your custom field.  For example, if you have a custom field called Color then the string would be %cf_Color%

You can also use this string in the Title and Description fields in the All in One SEO Pack box on the Edit Post screen.  Simply enter the string in the Title or Description field and the contents of that custom field will be used.

custom fields in edit post screen

Not only does this work with the custom fields within WordPress, it also integrates with the custom fields from popular plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, PODS and Toolkit.

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