Disable BreadcrumbList Schema

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All in One SEO v3.4 added Schema.org structured data markup for Breadcrumbs (https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/breadcrumb).  Some users may wish to disable this if their theme or another plugin already outputs this Schema markup.

The filter code below will disable only the BreadcrumbList Schema markup:

function prefix_schema_remove_breadcrumb( $layout ) {
     $array_key = array_search( '[aioseop_schema_BreadcrumbList]', $layout['@graph'] );
     if ( $array_key ) {
          unset( $layout['@graph'][ $array_key ] );
          $graphs_types = array(
          foreach ( $graphs_types as $graphs_type ) {
               add_filter( 'aioseop_schema_class_data_AIOSEOP_Graph_' . $graphs_type, function ( $data ) {
                    if ( $data['breadcrumb'] ) {
                         unset( $data['breadcrumb'] );
                    return $data;
     return $layout;

add_filter( 'aioseop_schema_layout', 'prefix_schema_remove_breadcrumb' );

For instructions on how to use this code, please refer to our FAQ here.