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By default, All in One SEO Pack uses the SEO Description for a post or page as the description in the markup.  This filter can be used to change this to the post excerpt or post/page content for all content, all content in a post type, or for a specific post ID.

function aioseop_schema_custom_description( $data ) {
     global $post;

     if( $post->ID === 1 ) {

          // Use post_excerpt below for the excerpt
          $description = $post->post_content; 

          $data['description'] = $description;
     return $data;


// Filter for WebPage schema type
add_filter( 'aioseop_schema_class_data_AIOSEOP_Graph_WebPage', 'aioseop_schema_custom_description' );

//Filter for Article schema type
add_filter( 'aioseop_schema_class_data_AIOSEOP_Graph_Article', 'aioseop_schema_custom_description' );


For instructions on how to use this code, please refer to our FAQ here.