Filter XML Sitemap data

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The All in One SEO Pack aiosp_sitemap_data filter hook.


$sitemap_data = apply_filters( 'aiosp_sitemap_data', $sitemap_data, $sitemap_type, $page_number, $aioseop_options );

This filter can be used to filter the data in your XML sitemap.

Parameters (4)

0.$sitemap_data (array)
contains all sitemap data for the current sitemap file/page.
1.$sitemap_type (string)
indicates the type of the sitemap (e.g. root, posts, pages, rss, etc.).
2.$page_number (int)
the current page number (only relevant when Sitemap Indexes is enabled).
3.$aioseop_options (array)
user-defined plugin settings.

Defined (4)

The filter is defined in the following location(s).

pro/aioseop_google_tag_manager.php (4 occurrences)

For instructions on how to use this code, please refer to our FAQ here.

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