Local Business Schema

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Available to customers on the Business License and above

Google Local Business card

Image courtesy of Google

Local Business schema markup enables businesses to tell Google about their business, including their business name, address and phone number, opening hours and price range.  This information may be displayed as a Knowledge Graph card or business carousel as shown in the example to the right.

Local business information may be displayed when users search for businesses on Google search or Google Maps.  Google decides on a per search basis whether to display this information or not and it’s completely automated.

Below are the options in the Local Business SEO module:

Business Type

Select the most appropriate business type from this drop down.

Business Name

Enter the name of your business as you want it to show in Google.  This is a required field and must be provided to avoid errors with Google.

Business Image

Upload an image, select an image from your Media Library, or paste in the URL for an image that represents your business such as a logo or photo of the outside or inside of your business premises.

Business Address

Enter the primary physical address for your business.  This is a required field and must be provided to avoid errors with Google.

Business Telephone

Enter the primary phone number for your business including the country code, for example 1 for US, 44 for UK, etc. You do not need to prefix with a plus + symbol.

Price Range

Select the price range that best applies to your business.

Opening Days

Use the checkboxes to select which days your business is open.

Opening Time / Closing Time

Use the drop downs to select the time that your business opens and the time your business closes.

For more information about Google Local Business schema, check out Google’s documentation here.

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