Meta Descriptions

We get a lot of questions regarding Meta Descriptions, how to create them in All in One SEO Pack and the way that search engines (especially Google) handle them.  It is important to note that no plugin can force search engines such as Google to display something in the search results that they don’t want to display.  Google may decide it will use it’s own description based on the term that has been searched for and the relevant content on your site.  More often, their description will be more relevant to the searcher than a Meta Description you write.

Your Meta Description serves two purposes:

  • It tells search engines what your site is about
  • It shows up in search results, which tells people what your site is about

Your Meta Description doesn’t actually affect your placement or ranking in the search engine results, but it is extremely important for what appears on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The Meta Description is what people see and it helps them determine whether or not to visit your site.  Remember, high rankings are meaningless if nobody clicks on the links because the description isn’t appropriate or is meaningless.

Meta Descriptions in SERPSMeta Description Advanced Settings

In the Advanced Settings section of the All in One SEO Pack General Settings screen there are two line items that can affect your Meta Descriptions.  These are Autogenerate Descriptions and Remove Descriptions for Paginated Pages.  Please read the Advanced Settings documentation for information on these settings.

Advanced Settings box in All in One SEO Pack

Advanced Settings box in All in One SEO Pack

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