Quality Guidelines for SEO Titles and Descriptions

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The major search engines pay a lot of attention to the SEO titles and descriptions for your content. You create these for each page/post using All in One SEO Pack (http://semperplugins.com/documentation/post-settings/). All in One SEO Pack makes it easy to create these and to comply with the quality guidelines from the major search engines.

We get a lot of questions about using All in One SEO Pack to auto generate these titles and descriptions. Whilst All in One SEO Pack will auto generate these for you, we do not recommend this. The reason is because software cannot create a title and description as well as a human being. This results in issues with quality. For this reason, we always recommend that you hand write every title and description.

Here are the quality guidelines you need to be aware of when writing your titles and descriptions:

  1. Make sure every page of content (this includes pages, posts and custom post types) has a title and description.
  2. Each title and description must be unique, absolutely no duplicates are permitted.
  3. Each title must be less than 70 characters long (All in One SEO Pack has a character counter and visual color warning to help you comply).
  4. Each description must be less that 160 characters long (All in One SEO Pack has a character counter and visual color warning to help you comply).
  5. Add your brand (business/site name) to your title (All in One SEO Pack does this automatically for you).
  6. Titles and descriptions must be descriptive.
  7. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Note that each search engine has its own specific limits on the length of your titles and descriptions, and these can differ whether you’re on a desktop or phone.  For example, Google measures the title by the width in pixels rather than the number of characters.

Limits can vary based on the search term, so this is why we recommend performing a Site Search to check what’s in each search engines index and adjusting your SEO titles and descriptions to avoid them being truncated.

Here is a link to the full quality guide posted by Google – https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35624?hl=en

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