Using Social Meta for Pinterest Rich Pins

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Pinterest supports the use of Open Graph social meta generated by All in One SEO Pack to generate Rich Pins.  Before your Rich Pin will appear on Pinterest there are some steps you have to follow to validate and apply for Rich Pins.  This process is detailed below and on Pinterest’s website here.

  1. First add your social meta to your post or page in WordPress by editing the post or page and clicking on the Social Settings tab in the All in One SEO Pack section.  Here you can set your title, description and the image that you want used for your Pinterest Rich Pin.  For more details on this read the documentation here.
  2. Once you have set your title, description and image and published your post or page, go to the Pinterest Validator here –
  3. Enter the URL for your post or page and click the Validate button.
  4. Select HTML Tags and click the Apply Now button.
  5. Once your post or page has been approved you will receive an email from Pinterest and you can now share your content on Pinterest as Rich Pins.

Validating Rich Pins on Pinterest

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