What is a dynamically generated sitemap and why is it better to use?

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Be default, All in One SEO Pack has always dynamically generated the XML Sitemap rather than output the XML Sitemap to a file on the web server.

A dynamically generated file is very common when working with a Content Management System and every page of content that WordPress outputs is dynamically generated from content in the WordPress database.  This is inherently better than creating static web page files like web developers used to 20 years ago.

There are four reasons why we do this, these are:

  1. The dynamically generated XML Sitemap is created every time it is requested.  This means it’s always up to date and accurately reflects the state of your site at that moment in time.
  2. A dynamically generated file is usually faster to access than a static file.  Search engines care about how long it takes to access your XML Sitemap so using a dynamically generated file is better for this reason.
  3. A static file can be overwritten, become corrupt or inaccessible due to server permissions issues.  A dynamic files cannot be overwritten, become corrupt of be inaccessible due to server permissions.
  4. Writing to a static file is a complicated process, it requires a lot of code to accommodate different server configurations and can be prone to bugs and conflicts.  Generating a dynamic file is a natural part of how WordPress works so is more reliable.

If you want to check whether you are using a dynamic XML Sitemap or a static XML Sitemap, go to All in One SEO > XML Sitemap > Dynamically Generate Sitemap.  If this is checked then you have a dynamic XML Sitemap.  If it is not, then you have static file and should consider changing this option to take advantage of the benefits of a dynamic XML Sitemap.

The XML Sitemap module can be activated in the Feature Manager.

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