What is SEO meta?

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SEO Keywords (aka Meta Keywords)

The SEO Keywords or Meta Keywords (we use this term interchangeably in our documentation) that appears in the source code of your webpage looks like this:

<meta name="keywords" itemprop="keywords" content="Keyword1, Keyword2, Keyword3, Keyword4" />

Meta Keywords are usually displayed in the source code for a webpage below the All in One SEO Pack comment line.

Meta Keywords are no longer used by search engines and hold no value in modern SEO.  We recommend disabling keywords sitewide by going to All in One SEO, General Settings, Keyword Settings and selecting Disabled next to Use Keywords.  This will enable you to focus on meta that is important and which search engines do use.

Should you wish to use Meta Keywords you can learn more by reading our documentation on Keyword Settings.

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