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Here’s some exciting Google news

We’ve got some exciting Google news for you.

New Speed report in Google Search Console

In order to help site owners discover potential user experience problems, Google just launched a new Speed report feature in Google Search Console. This new report classifies URLs based on their load time and issues that may cause slowdowns.

URLs are assigned to “Fast”, “Moderate” or “Slow” speed buckets and allow you to drill down on them to see what is impacting performance and prioritize performance improvements for them. The report also links to the Page Speed Insight tool in order to provide information on specific optimization opportunities.

This report is a great new addition if you want to monitor your website performance over time and track improvements you made to your website. Once you fix an issue, you can use the Speed report to track whether users experience improved performance when browsing your website. The brand new report is still marked as experimental, but we highly recommend you check it out.

Site Kit plugin now available for all WordPress sites

Some of you may know that Google had been quietly working on its first official WordPress plugin during the past year. Site Kit by Google has just been launched and gives you insights on how visitors find and use your website, how you can improve & monetize your content and display data from multiple Google tools such as Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

Site Kit makes it a breeze for site owners to understand how their website is performing and what they should do next. Some of its features are:

On the other hand, if you are a developer working on WordPress websites, then Site Kit can make a few things easier for you too. Think of setting up new Google services to provide interesting insights to your clients, comparing the top performing pages and checking whether a particular product is attracting visitors from social media.