How to Declutter Your WordPress Administrator Interface

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Wrapping Up

The WordPress admin interface can be quite overwhelming for the average user. In addition, a single accidental click by an unaware user could shut down the site and result in a sometimes expensive restoration. Thus it is vital that you simplify the admin interface to limit its fragility.

You’ll be guaranteed a powerful site without the visible complexity that could ruin it all.

The items listed in this article are key steps to achieving that. But there are many additional things (code, various plugins, customized dashboard themes, etc.) that could be done to further simplify the backend.

What things have you done to simplify your interface and make it more user-friendly for your clients or users? Let us know in the comments!

Arnaud, a foodie from Bruges, Belgium, is the editor for the Semper Plugins blog. He also manages the translation teams for All in One SEO Pack (over 58 languages!).

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