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Introducing Site Health Checks for All in One SEO

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Are all your SEO settings optimized to unlock the highest rankings and traffic?

Now it’s easier than ever to find out.

With our latest update, All in One SEO now seamlessly integrates with the WordPress Site Health tool to ensure your setup is complete and your site is ready to rank in search results.

Here’s how it works…

WordPress Site Health + All in One SEO

Did you know that WordPress has a built-in feature called “Site Health” under the Tools menu?

This tool helps you to monitor your site and lets you know about any critical errors or potential issues, so you can make sure everything’s running smoothly.

All in One SEO Site Health checks will now monitor:

  • Indexability: Make sure your site is public and ready to be crawled by search engine bots.
  • Basic Site Settings: Checks if the Site Title or Tagline are set, so you never have a blank title tag.
  • Schema Settings: Ensure your markup is valid and all the required info is filled out.
  • Noindex Monitoring: You also get a list of the types of content (post types, taxonomies, etc.) that are noindexed/nofollowed under the Site Health Info tab as a reminder.

With this release, we’ve also included several small fixes and improvements to make sure your site keeps running smoothly and ranking for all your target keywords.

You can see a complete list of all the changes and improvements in the changelog.

Thank you, as always, for supporting the best SEO plugin for WordPress!

Stay tuned for more updates, since we have lots of amazing new features planned for you soon.

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Keri is Director of Content at Awesome Motive, working on cool projects like OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.

3 comments on “Introducing Site Health Checks for All in One SEO
  1. Michael says:

    There are times when it feels like a small family business like ourselves is completely invisible in searches. Thankfully with tools such as All In One SEO pro we can move towards becoming more visible. Thank you for the update. We will look at the Health Check over the next few days. Thanks again.

  2. Sahar Rashid says:

    Can you include the readability and SEO score values in All in One SEO lite? I like the way Yoast is providing these two values to improve the article quality.

    My site is using All in SEO Pack and I don’t want to switch to Yoast as I have many posts on my site.


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