Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my credit card or change the way I pay for a recurring payment?

If you used PayPal to pay for your plugin subscription and need to update the payment information (change payment method or update credit card information) you will need to log in to your Paypal account to make those changes. Here’s how to

The File Editor or Robots.txt modules are missing

If you have activated either the File Editor module or Robots.txt module but they don’t appear in the All in One SEO Pack sub menu then it’s possible that you have disabled file editing in WordPress using the DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT or

How to manually install All in One SEO Pack Pro when the file is too big

Some hosting companies set a very low limit on the maximum file size for uploads.  This can mean that you see an error message when trying to install All in One SEO Pack Pro. The only way to resolve this

HATOM errors in Google Webmaster Tools

We frequently get asked about HATOM and other markup errors seen in Google Webmaster Tools under Search Appearance > Structured Data.  The page showing these errors may look something like this: These errors come from HTML markup in your theme

Why doesn’t the title and description I set appear in search results?

When search engines like Google crawl your website, they do two things: They index the content (text and images) on the page; They check the source code of the page for meta data. The meta data in the source code of a page

Can I remove the date from Google search results?

The answer is no, you cannot ask or tell Google to remove the date from search results.  Whilst you can remove the date from your WordPress content, this does not mean it will have any effect on Google. The official

Why does the character counter for SEO titles show a different count?

The character counter shows the total number of characters for your title tag including the Site Title which is automatically appended to your title by All in One SEO Pack. We append the Site Title in order to comply with

What is a dynamically generated sitemap and why is it better to use?

Be default, All in One SEO Pack has always dynamically generated the XML Sitemap rather than output the XML Sitemap to a file on the web server. A dynamically generated file is very common when working with a Content Management

What is SEO – Video Tutorial

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