Subscribe2 HTML with Support and Updates Subscription:

Single Site License

Annual site license with support and updates
$69.00 per year


Subscribe2 HTML provides all of the features of Subscribe2 with the addition of:

  • Sends full content per-post HTML emails sent to all confirmed public subscribers
  • Sends HTML emails from Post->Mail Subscribers
  • Sends Digest Emails containing HTML and some images
  • HTML Digest content is still an excerpt; you control exceprt size and styling is somewhat configurable
  • Does not contain ReadyGraph code – your user privacy is guaranteed

In short, if you like Subscribe2, you are going to love Subscribe2 HTML.


In addition to the major differences list above Subscribe2 HTML also provides the following:

  • Active development and support of the central email functionality
  • Images and CSS can be sent as email attachments
  • Draft emails can be saved in Subscribe2->Send Email
  • Stricter coding standards and more efficient code to save server resources
  • Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware¬†Subscribe2 HTML is designed to send emails through your web server. Before purchasing check that your hosting provider allows emails to be sent on your hosting plan and ensure that you will be sending emails within their hosting restrictions. All hosts limit out going emails as a method of preventing spam; work with your provider to ensure your site works as you’d like without affecting your server stability for other users.

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