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Happy 9th Thank a Plugin Developer Day!

By (Guest Blogger)
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Happy 9th Plugin developer Day! Looking back, it’s been a wild ride. 9 years ago yesterday All in One SEO Pack hit 1 million downloads.

Since then we’ve blown that away with over 30 million downloads, and the launch of All in One SEO Pack Pro here at semperplugins.com, and so much more.

It’s amazing to think that when Matt Mullenweg first made the declaration in 2009, we only had 4000 plugins in the directory, and an average of five per install.

In order to celebrate Thank a Plugin Developer Day, please send a donation to or leave a 5 star rating for your favorite plugin. (You can click here to rate All in One SEO Pack 5 stars. [wink])

About (Guest Blogger)

This awesome WordPress geek loves writing about WordPress things. Maybe one day he or she will fill out a bio. ;)

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9 comments on “Happy 9th Thank a Plugin Developer Day!
  1. Congratulations for this huge success.


    It really is a great plugin, well deserved…

  3. Debasish panda says:

    Congratulations to the All in One SEO Team for their success.

  4. Prosenjit Samanta says:

    Congrats! Great plugin.

  5. Tutu Sainz says:

    Thank you for making the world so much better 🙂 Sending love …

  6. Prakash Patel says:


  7. PhotoFio says:

    Congratulations! I love All in One SEO Pack.

  8. Sanata says:

    Congratulations .. its application is very helpful

  9. dapur purigardenia says:

    Congratulations! I love All in One SEO Pack.

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