Missing All in One SEO Pack 2.6 post and page meta

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If you updated to the latest version of All in One SEO Pack (2.6) for WordPress recently, you may have noticed what appears to be an alarming change. Let’s back up a bit.

Previously, we had a somewhat minor bug where if you had SEO on only these post types all unchecked, the meta entry fields would still show up.

In version 2.6, we fixed this issue.

That means for some users who inadvertently had all these checkboxes unchecked and didn’t know it, updating gives the appearance of your SEO meta entry fields disappearing.

If this happens, don’t be alarmed. No data is missing.

Simply go to wp-admin->All in One SEO Pack->General Settings and scroll down to SEO for Custom Post Types and enable this setting then check the boxes you’d like under SEO on only these post types (Posts and pages are checked by default on new installs.)

Users also report not seeing the Display Settings section, this is because that section will not be populated with options until you enable SEO for Custom Post Types. If your Display Settings section is empty then make sure you enable SEO for Custom Post Types.

Changelog- https://semperfiwebdesign.com/all-in-one-seo-pack-release-history/
Github issue- https://github.com/semperfiwebdesign/all-in-one-seo-pack/issues/1067

Michael founded the company with the values of a Marine Corps combat veteran. As the developer of All in One SEO Pack, the No. 1 most downloaded WordPress plugin, Michael loves his work as much as driving his Audi. With his free time, he tries to fulfill his childhood dream: travel the world and taste great food. Fall is Michael’s favorite season because college football is on and he’s a Hokie. Oh yeah, he studied Computer Science at NC State University, and wore Hokie gear the entire time! You can connect with Michael at his personal blog and follow him on Twitter. You can find Michael at http://michaeltorbert.com

36 comments on “Missing All in One SEO Pack 2.6 post and page meta
  1. Rahul says:

    Hi Michael,

    Can you help me? I want to remove date in SERP Meta(For pages only). Using all in one SEO.

    Is there any way? I repeat want to remove date from PAGES only.

  2. Seodaramal says:

    Does All in One SEO Pack support RTL languages like Persian?

  3. Ileana says:

    Ciao, ho installato all in one seo pack e importato i dati da yoast seo per non dover ricompilare tutto. Però ora accade che i title dei post sono troppo lunghi e per fare in modo stiano sotto i 60 caratteri devo cancellare tutto. Mi ritrovo quindi che nel pannello articoli alla voce title non ho title. E’ normale?

  4. Manisha says:

    Hi Michael,

    Can you help me? I want to show META KEYWORD FIELD in my website’s home page Using all in one SEO.

    Is this possible?

  5. smartbeing says:

    Is All in One SEO Pack better than Yoast SEO?.. Because I have been using Yoast SEO on some blogs, but All in One SEO Pack seems to be better. Can you help me out?

  6. I have the proper settings, but have to click on the margins to see the SEO features. Not happy about this.

  7. Ahsan says:

    If I just enable it and do not use the checkboxes for the “SEO only on these Post Types” setting, should this be better?

  8. vikas says:

    Nice tool, working good.

  9. Recently I have moved to “all in one SEO” for 10 websites from Yoast. The inbuilt SEO data Import Tool of all in on SEO is great to transfer data from the Yoast.

    But I think there are missing following features when transferring the SEO data.

    1) If I use the external featured image in Yoast social tab, the social data should be imported as the social field in all in one SEO.

    2) after importing from us there should be an option to delete the existing post metadata. When I have used SEO transport functions of Yoast there is an option to delete after import from All in One SEO.

  10. Punjabi lyrics says:

    Can you help me grow my website?

  11. A.J. says:

    Hi Michael, I followed your directions and solved the problem. However, I couldn’t see the meta tags section at the bottom of the post (All in One SEO plugin box) Could you please tell me how can I see and add meta tags for each post. Thanks, A.J.

  12. Biswanath says:

    Thanks for this amazing post, can you suggest how to generate backlinks to my website?

  13. Sandy S.M says:

    I have a question, what if the keyword is repeated in the meta description?

  14. Sekh Sahajahan says:

    Hey man, how do I edit the homepage meta description and title. I am not using a static page.

  15. Jonny says:

    Help. I used to be able to set images to go out with social media feeds using this plugin but now it doesn’t work. I’ve tried so many things to make it work, but I’m not terribly technical and really need help. Please help me.

  16. Anil says:

    If I just enable it and do not use the checkboxes for the “SEO only on these Post Types” setting, should this be better?

  17. Ramakant Gaonkar says:

    Your post is knowledgeable. Could you tell me know how to generate more backlinks to my website?

  18. Lutfar Rahman says:

    Thank you sharing this information. Wonderful blog & good post. Keep blogging!

  19. Infotechker says:

    I like this plugin a lot!

  20. Zaky says:

    Thank you. I’m using this plugin, but only the free version.
    Does the Premium version have any special features? Please give me a brief summary of the differences.

    • Arnaud Broes says:

      All in One SEO Pack Pro has various features that aren’t available in the free plugin, these are:

      • Support for categories, tags and custom taxonomies so that you can manage the SEO for each individual category, tag or taxonomy just like you do for posts and pages
      • Advanced support for WooCommerce & other eCommerce sites
      • Video XML Sitemap module so that you can submit video sitemaps to search engines like Google and Bing

      In addition, All in One SEO Pack Pro includes priority access to Premium Support through our dedicated support forum & via e-mail, and access to video tutorials about SEO and the plugin.

      You can purchase a license for All in One SEO Pack Pro here – https://semperplugins.com/all-in-one-seo-pack-pro-version/

  21. clark michael says:

    Great blog. Good content marketing and SEO are the double act of the modern marketing industry.

  22. teresa says:

    All in One SEO Pack simply disappeared… like if it weren’t installed anymore. I tried to download it again and it just says “destination folder already exists”. Anyone knows how to fix it?

  23. Kendra Hughes says:

    When I switched from Yoast to All in One SEO I lost all my post titles, descriptions, and keywords on the dashboard where it lists all my post, pages, categories, etc. Do you know how I could retrieve all this data back? Thank you.

  24. Rafał says:

    After updating to 2.9.1, the Meta Title and Meta Description on my homepage no longer work (All in One SEO Pack).

  25. Manish Garhwal says:

    It does not set the Image i choose in WordPress. But set’s the “default user” Image on all the posts. How can i resolve this.

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